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Research & Development Strategy:

Our R&D strategy is led by a world-class team of Scientists, with experience and expertise in natural plasmalogen research and development. 

NeuroCores is pioneering the therapeutic potential of plasmalogen derivatives, which are unique glycerolipids found in cellular membranes. These compounds have gained interest due to their roles in various physiological processes and their related depletion in certain diseases. Our areas of focus include developing plasmalogen derivatives as potential treatments for rare pediatric neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Plasmalogens are abundant in neuronal membranes and play a crucial role in maintaining membrane fluidity, antioxidant defense, and signal transduction. Their deficiency has been linked to neuronal dysfunction and degeneration, making them attractive targets for therapeutic intervention. 

We are employing various strategies to develop novel plasmalogen derivatives with improved pharmacokinetic properties, targeted delivery, and enhanced therapeutic efficacy. These efforts aim to unlock the full potential of plasmalogens and provide innovative solutions for a range of diseases with significant unmet medical needs.


Our Approach To Partnering

We believe the path forward to life-changing discoveries is through open collaboration across functions, institutions and key stakeholders. We foster a culture of teamwork, knowledge sharing and mutual respect so that there are mutual benefits for all